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Team Building through Culinary Arts

We offer an unbeatable recipe for teambuilding at our facility (and off-site) using the culinary arts as our palate! They are customized, creative, proven effective.....and tasty! Our state-of-the-art kitchen creates a unique atmosphere where your group can work together to build trust, develop plans of action, work toward a common goal, make it happen and celebrate their accomplishments. Not to mention the fact that we guarantee that they will have a great time! Over 10 years of offering an unbeatable recipe for group interaction.

Team Building through Culinary Arts

  • Motivational talk at beginning of session with Chef & Actor, Chris Maher
  • Assigning of teams and special challenges / culinary exercises
  • All teams working on piece of the puzzle to create a five course, seated, gourmet meal. All served with wines paired to the cuisine.
  • Seated (and served) meal at the end of the session. Follow up / review and feedback, Q&A for the Chef and the teams. What were the challenges, setbacks, opportunities and how did the teams work together to create a perfect, team produced meal.
  • Sitting down and sharing the meal and enjoying the creativity at the end of the event will bring the group together in a wonderful way!

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